DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

It is finally here! My first DIY tutorial for your crafting pleasure. Now that we have got our invitations finished, our next adventure is preparing all of our decor. After meeting with a florist, I realized that my vision would cost way too much money (oh hi, I forgot about you for a moment, WIC), so I started hunting for ways to have the “florals” without blowing the budget. In this post, I will teach you how to make the basic building block of my master plan: the Coffee Filter Garland Table Runner*.

I adapted this tutorial from Brown Paper Packages. The original tutorial is no longer active, so I made up my own instructions. I hope you find these flowers as easy, inexpensive, and gorgeous as I do!


You only need four things: coffee filters, twine, cotton balls, and scissors.


The How-To:

Step 1: Fold the coffee filter in sixteenths (fold in half 4 times).



Step 2: Grab your scissors and trim. Here, we are using a basic semi-circle shape**.


Step 3: Hold a single coffee filter lightly in the palm of one hand. Take a cotton ball and place it in the center of the coffee filter.

Step 4: Push down on the cotton ball. The coffee filter will scrunch up a bit.

Step 5: Pinch the coffee filter where it wraps around the entire cotton ball.

Step 6: Take another coffee filter and pinch again.

Step 7: Repeat step 6 until you get the desired volume. I usually use 3-5 filters per flower.

Step 8: Cut a piece of twine and tie a knot around the cotton ball area. If you are feeling super thrifty, you can cut the coffee filters from underneath the twine and reuse the cotton ball.


Step 9 (optional): Sit back and admire your work of art. You did it!

End product.jpg


If you are making centerpieces with these beauties, grab some friends. This process will go much faster if you employ Fordism and get an assembly line going. For maximum fun, have a signature Kelly craft night in. It is like a girls’ night out but better: you can wear sweatpants and be free of society’s judgmental eyes. All you need are snacks, a bottle of wine (or two… or ten***), and some of your favourite tunes. Your flowers will pile up in no time at all.

Have you ever had a craft night in? If you have, I hope you had just as much fun as I!

* Capitalized to create maximum impact 😉

** In the next post, I will show you a comparison between three basic petal shapes. You can mix these up and create some variety for visual interest.

*** I am not promoting binge drinking, but if you have 20 people helping you out, you should provide enough refreshment. Juice and pop are also great options, if you are having a dry craft night in.

Calling all Pinners!

Here is a compressed version for your pinning pleasure:



20 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

  1. Debbie

    Have you already showed how to color the flowers? I love the look of the flowers, I only made one so far, but would like to know how to add some color to the flowers. Lovely idea, you are so cleaver.


      1. Debbie

        I am on vacation at this writing so do not have access to the flowers. I can post a pic when I get home. What I did is cut the same as you did the coffee filter, but I cut it out of fabric. Then I sprayed a product called Terial Magic on the cut piece and Ironed it to make it stiff. You’ll have to spray it several times and iron it before it will be really stiff to hold the shape..Do everything the same ;layering several pieces then I stitched the bottom with needle and thread to hold them all together,


    1. BRIDGET

      Debbie I have just come across this DIY I have been making these for years and dying them. I use alcohol and any of the following. I making my own ink and ink spray I make flower starting the size of a pencil eraser and as big as a basketball. Dry of track. So I have used egg dye. Kool aid food coloring, and b permanent markets. All are use with alcohol and or water and conifer asssss the fluid base. I prefer the alcohol rubbing.


  2. Pk

    Hi, I love your tutorial!!! Helps me out a lot. And I read your comment about putting the other coffee filters under the first one, that helps as well, thank you!!!
    I also loved your comment about the wine!!! My mom and sister are ready with the drinks!!!!! LOL. I am going to try making these and hopefully have them come out as pretty as yours!!!
    Thank you!!!


    1. Hi Monica!
      Sorry for the late reply! I would suggest you use floral wire with beading to create a floral stamen. Stab the floral wire through the center of each filter, and wrap string around the base as with the cotton ball, gluing the ends with hot glue. Finish by wrapping floral tape around.


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