Fiona Chiu, Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire: Part II

This post is the second in this interview session. If you missed the first post, click here

This week, I will share more insight into Fiona’s craft. Hopefully, this will help you, dear readers, to make sure your wedding photos turn out stellar.

How would you describe the style of your photography? 

First and foremost, I consider myself a storyteller. I think that Fine Art Photojournalism would be the best way to describe it. I want to create a journey through my work, and capturing candid moments is the best way to do this.

I feel like everything in this picture breathes Fiona’s style of photography. Photo provided by Fiona Chiu.

What would you do if a couple asks you to take photos which deviate from your style?

Style is something very hard to change, and it is a part of you, much like your personality. I am really explicit about how I work and what they can expect from me when I meet with potential clients, because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. During the initial meeting, I make sure to bring a sample of my work as we talk, so that I can see any reactions to my work.

I also never sign a contract on first meeting, because I want to make sure that the couple can go home and think about how our meeting went, and look more deeply into my portfolio. I never want to pressure a couple to signing with me unless they are 100% sure, and there are no hard feelings if they don’t think that I am the right fit.

It’s fine if you want to work with me because I am fun*, but you need to like my work.

If the vision that a couple is describing to be does not match my style, I would recommend a photographer that fits their vision a bit better. It isn’t that I am not confident in my ability to create photos that fall into that style, but when there are talented photographers who prefer to shoot in their desired style, it just makes more sense to connect them.

Through my hunt for a photographer, I have noticed that some offer second shooters, while others prefer to go solo. What is your preferred method? 

I like to work with a second shooter because there is so much more flexibility. For example, if the couple get ready at separate locations, I can capture more of those intimate moments without worrying about heading to two destinations. Different details also get captured, and since these moments are so important for storytelling, the more angles you can get, the better your story becomes.

It is also more fun!

No selfie-stick could get a shot like this. Photo provided by Fiona Chiu.

What is your favourite moment to capture during the wedding?

Can we put more than one?! If I had to choose, there is a moment I like to call the “sunset photo”. Wedding days tend to pass by so quickly because of all the hustle and bustle, I like to pull the couple aside for just a few moments after everything has happened. During this time, everything kind of sinks in, and the couple just is. It is such a beautiful, intimate moment in time.

Having shot so many weddings, is there one moment in time that really stands out in your memory?

Sometimes, when I listen to speeches, I almost forget to take photos because I am so touched by the words of the loved ones. I remember one groom’s speech almost brought me to tears, when he said:

I wish I met you sooner so that I could spend more time with you.

What is one thing that a couple should do in order to facilitate your ability to capture amazing moments?

Trust me. Trust in my art, and trust in my experience.

At the end of the day, I want couples to have an enjoyable experience. Part of my process is to build a relationship with the couple, so that it is easier for them to relax and let go. The smallest details can truly alter the feel of a photo. Since I love to use natural light in my work, I need couples to trust me when I direct them.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Fiona! She is truly a pleasure to work with, and I hope I have been able to channel some of her magic through this post.

Stay tuned for more in this series. Join me next time for a coffee date with Annie of Annie Melissa Events.

*In my opinion, this is totally possible because she has an amazing personality and is a lot of fun to spend time with. She has an effortless way with people, and can find something to talk about to everyone.  


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