Saying YES to the Dress: Part III

Budget bride alert! For any brides that are dress shopping in the Toronto area, this weekend (November 11-12, 2016) is your last chance to nab a deal at Ritché Bridal. With prices like these, it really is worth a look!

With the doors closing so soon, I figure that now is as good a time as any to share my experience shopping at the Ritché sale last month. Even though this is part III of the shopping saga, this actually happened after I bought my wedding dress. I know, I did the unthinkable… but in my defense, I was hoping to find a dress to wear to my engagement shoot. One of my bridesmaids, Paige, accompanied me on this shopping excursion, and convinced me to try on some more wedding dresses. Boy, was it hard to walk away from one of them!

The experience

The store is composed of two floors. The main floor was very open, with dresses lining the walls. Along with wedding gowns, there were also Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids dresses. Everything was well-organized, with each rack sorted by size. The main floor experience was very independent. The sales associate offered her assistance, but left us to our own devices for the most part (which I greatly appreciated). After rifling through all the racks, we both chose a few dresses to try on, but none of them worked out. The problem with these sales is that it is really hard to find something in your size! The fact that Paige has distinctly different taste than I, also did not help the cause.

Halfway through shopping, we learned of the magical upstairs bridal showroom by overhearing a fellow bride mention it to the sales associate. We decided to put our names in queue, but went for lunch while we waited. After a delicious Harvey’s burger and wonderful walk in the sunshine along Avenue Road, we returned to the store and were led upstairs. This environment was very different. All the dresses were sealed in garment bags, and we had a dedicated consultant guiding us along the way.

I would say that this experience echoes Say Yes to the Dress much more. After a short discussion on what I was looking for, our consultant brought me a few dresses to try on. In total, I tried on 4-5 dresses, but she showed me around 7. One of the dresses was everything that I originally wanted in a dress while I was pinning away: an illusion neckline, airy, light, and beaded. When I saw it, I thought I would be in trouble…



The dream dress that looked a mess. Thank you, Paige, for snapping this picture!

I hated how it looked on me. Regardless of why this was the case (I am sure size played a big role), I am so glad I tried this style on because I no longer had to pine away for my dream dress, and wonder, what if?

This third dress I tried on was the one I really did not want to take off. I even called my Mom to ask for her opinion during work! In the end, we decided to walk away for reasons similar to my first sample sale adventure:

  1. The dress did not fit. In order to alter it to my size, I felt that the integrity of the dress design would be lost, such as the lace details at the side.
  2. There was a large tear in the tulle. It would not be the hardest thing to fix, but some of the volume in the skirt would be lost. Another point docked!
  3. With the discount, it cost $750+tx – still 60% off the original price, but once you find out how much I spent on my actual dress, you too, would have reservations.
The dress I did not want to take off. In case you are wondering, this is the Patience dress from the Maggie Sottero Platinum collection. Another photo thanks to Paige.

I might have walked away without a dress, but I had a great time shopping with Paige, and had a lovely experience at the boutique. Have you ever been tempted to keep shopping around, even when you have already found what you need?

Need some advice on how to conquer shopping a sale? Check out Saying YES to the Dress: Part II, where I share my tale of shopping at Sash and Bustle‘s sample sale. 



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