7 Tips for Great Engagement Photos

Jake and I got an awesome anniversary present! What was this amazing and timely gift? Our engagement pictures have arrived, and we are ecstatic at how they turned out *cue happy dance*. I am very excited to share some of our favourite shots with you, along with some advice on having your own stellar session. Words cannot encompass how much we appreciate you, Fiona Chiu.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we headed up to Georgina, Ontario to explore Sibbald Point Provincial Park with a couple of our friends. We decided to kill two birds with one stone and have our engagement shoot on the same weekend, taking advantage of the great scenery. This first set was taken at the cottage:

In between our location changes, we made time for a quick breakfast. With a pocket full of McDonald’s coupons (thank you, C.Y.), our breakfast destination was a no-brainer. Quick test to see if your photographer likes you: ask them to share a meal 😉

The second set of photos were taken on the Maidenhair Fern Trail. We made it to the Park at the perfect time for light to filter through the tree canopy. It truly felt like an enchanted forest. Saving our engagement shoot for the fall worked out perfectly, as we had the entire trail to ourselves.


How to take amazing engagement photos

  1. Find the right photographer. It might seem a bit silly to say, but it is so important to find someone who understands your personality as a couple. Each photographer has a unique style of story-telling, so do not expect an editorial-style photographer to take vintage-style photographs.
  2. Pick a location where you can stand out. Take advantage of the fact that you are supposed to be the center of attention, and do not let the background scenery steal your thunder.
  3. Pick an outfit (or two) that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. I spent quite a while searching for the “right” outfit, thinking that I should find something “special”, but ended up choosing things I already owned. At the end of the day, I did not want to fiddle around with a dress that was not sitting right, or a top that kept slipping off the shoulder.
  4. Co-ordinate outfits with your partner. Clashing horribly will just distract from your photographer’s ability to tell your love story.
  5. Let your photographer do their job. Even though you may have some stellar ideas about interesting poses, sometimes they may not make much sense through a camera lens. I do not mean that you cannot contribute creatively, but do not spend your entire session telling them what to do. Respect their time and their art.
  6. Be realistic. If you do not like to hike, maybe you should not take your photos at the top of a mountain. After all, the view might be great, but you probably will not look your best.
  7. Be genuine. Most people can tell when you are faking a smile, so spend the time being present with your partner.
I had to throw this one in because it makes me laugh. Fiona challenged me when I told her that I have RBF. Now there is documented proof 😉 


What is your go-to tactic for taking great photos?

If you want to see more pictures from our shoot, check out Fiona’s blog! We are basically famous 😉 


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