On being genuine

Not to be confused with the man who brought us this classic:  

So why this amazing 90’s throwback to brighten your day? Drumroll, please!

  1. I am a dork and enjoy puns
  2. I like this song
  3. Some really great memories are tied to this song as it relates to…
  4. The topic of this blog

Recently, I was tasked to create a blog and make my mark on the world. The last time I maintained a blog for an extended period of time, I was in high school and fearless. Back then, it was a glorified diary where I could tinker around with HTML and play with Adobe Photoshop 6.0.

With so many amazing blogs out there today, where could I find my niche? Putting yourself out into the world is a frightening prospect, and the internet, for all its fast pace, can be a very permanent place. However, I do not want to fill a gap just for the sake of finding a niche – I want to make sure that there is an honest reflection of my self throughout the blog. It took some serious pondering to figure out what I want to share, but here I am.

I present to you, dear reader, Aisle Adventures.

In a way, grappling with the focus of this blog is like planning the wedding itself – a reflection of my identity which I hope will be well-received.

This blog will be my attempt to be genuine with you through the adventures that lead me down the aisle, and hopefully not flounder in the ocean of WIC (more on this later). For what is more genuine than tackling the challenges of a life event that unifies so many people in my life, and my identities as shaped by them?

Stay tuned for some DIYs and dyes, but hopefully no dying.

Welcome to my little slice of the internet pizza. What toppings go on yours?


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